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Value Fuels & Oils  is committed to sustainable development by meeting the needs of the present and by not compromising the needs of the future, which could in any way adversely affect the development of future generations.

We are supportive of the need to be energy efficient, limiting product waste and toxicity, and to designing innovative products. Wherever possible we support the recycling of materials in order to limit any adverse impact on the environment.

We support the development of technologies, which lessens the dependency on natural resources and allows for the increase in efficiency of existing resources, and the reduction of waste. We also support the recycling of manufactured products in order to reduce pollution and costs.

Value Fuels & Oils is committed to monitoring its use of products and resources in order to find ways in which waste can be better managed and further reduced, also, to explore ways in which existing resources can be better utilised and maintained.

Value Fuels & Oils strives to create an awareness of sustainability within its Company and to the wider community it serves. We recognise the importance of sustainability and accept this as a corporate responsibility.

We are willing to work closely with other companies and government agencies to bring about initiatives and working processes, whereby sustainability becomes an intrinsic part of our routine business operations.

We welcome suggestions from our employees, the local community and other interested parties about how we can best improve our business operations, reduce any impact on the environment, increase efficiency and how best to use the natural resources we rely on in undertaking our routine business operations.

Our response to any legislation relating to sustainability is to comply with any legal requirements placed upon us and to engage with other companies, organisations and agencies concerned with the protection of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources.