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Top Fuel Tips

Keeping your home warm can be costly. Here are a few helpful hints to help make your heating oil stretch that little bit further.

1. Get your boiler serviced
You can have the best insulated house in the country, but if your boiler isn’t working properly, you are literally burning money.

2. Keep windows and doors closed
The majority of heat gets lost from doors and windows. Keep they firmly shut, and use draft excluders where possible to help keep the heat in.

3. Turn down you thermostat
It may not sound like the best thing to do during those cold nights, but for each degree you lower your thermostat, it could decrease the money you pay on your fuel by approximately 3%! Lowering you thermostat from 72 degrees to 68 degrees may not feel like much comfort wise, but it could save you up to 12% on you bill.